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Rock of Ages
Teen Edition

October 26 - November 5

Buchholz High School Auditorium

Rock of Ages takes you back to the time of big bands with big egos playing big guitar solos and sporting even bigger hair! This Tony Award-nominated Broadway musical features the hits of bands including Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister and more.

Written by Chris D'Arienzo

Faculty Director - Ted Lewis

Student Directors - Carl Ridlon & Sydney Witter

Stage Manager - Maya Zaldivar

Cast List

Lonnie Quinn Horwitz      Swing- Joseph Davila

Justice/mom Taiden Roberts      Understudy - Naomi Wharton

Dennis  Eddie Butifiloski      Understudy-Benny Gurrala

Drew Patrick Bethel      Swing-Chris Marshall

Sherrie’s Father/Stacy Jaxx Tory Griffin      Understudy - Liam Irwin

Sherrie Anna Tomlinson/Jasmine Miranda (Split cast equal # of shows)

Mayor / Jakieth Felix Cassisi/Lumi DeOliviera (split cast equal #of shows)

Anita Madison Belcher/Aislynn Chronic (split alternate every other show)

Hilda Millie Lowry     

Franz Riley Bauer

Rocker/Spotlight Dancer Chris Marshall     Swing -  Austin Hudnal


1-Kyra Nelson

2- Isabella Marsh

3-Caitlin Roe

Constance the reporter Grace Yoon / Lindsey Caldera

Joey Primo  Brandon Quirk / Gus Meucci

Venus Girls/Protestors

1-Zoey Hutchinson

2-Courtney Heinis

3-Isabella Roebella

4-Anna Semenova

Producer Hayden Flores

Producer  Alyssa Haberman/crew

Rocker-minor singing/Spotlight dancer Chris Marshall

Sleaziest Producer/Ensemble Gavin Graham

Roadie Crew

Alex Sutton

Chiemela (Chi Chi) Onwuchekwa

Maddie Silverman

Skye Ramati

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