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Buchholz High School
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2020-2021 Info

2023 - 2024 Information

As we start on a brand new year there will be challenges we will face as a Theater Troupe. We will find new ways to perform and present theater and perhaps film into to 2022-2023 school year.

With that in mind we move into this year with the following ordinances in place.

  • Teachers may only communicate with students via school assigned emails during school hours. No communication between staff and students is permitted via texting, phone calls or messenger. Parents may communicate using other methods but are encouraged to use school assigned email. 

  • Unless staff is overseeing an after school project (IE: rehearsals, projects, or performances whether streaming or live), all communication between students and any school staff must remain during school hours.

  • Stage Managers will be the moderators of all performance related communication reflecting the real world status of that position in a theater. Staff may only respond to email as stated above. All meetings occurring during school hours, whether conducted on zoom or canvas, will be recorded.

  • Teachers/Staff are not permitted to drive students. All students must be picked up on time. Teachers/Staff should not stay later than needed for after-school project or activity. We ask any student receiving a ride have their driver be early for pick up if possible. All students must be picked up on time whether from a school day or an after-school activity. Teachers/ Staff should not be at school with a student waiting for a ride. This will be revisited next school year.

  • Any issues or complaints between students in the same class involving bullying, disruptive behavior, negative relations, etc should be handled via guidance and parents. This helps limit some of the factors that can spread the virus such as shouting or a lack of social distancing.

The list above is required and includes ALL students including all Thespian Officers and Leadership Team Members. Thank you for your understanding.

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